Learn how to differentiate yourself in a competitive travel industry
  • Find your voice How you say what you say, which is every bit as important as the content itself
  • Tell a story Memorable ways of connecting with your clients on an emotional level they absorb
  • Look the part Using imagery to communicate the personality of your brand
  • Create your tribe Finding your people who just get your company and what its about
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“When people book a trip with your company, they might be booking ten days in the sun. But what are they really buying? Is it escapism, a chance to leave their world behind? Perhaps it’s cultural currency, or an element of “one-upmanship”? Maybe it’s a chance to reflect on the world around them, to soak in something completely new?

Ultimately, the way in which people travel is an expression of their identity. Throughout the rest of the year, the majority of people are confined by jobs and responsibilities. For one of, if not the biggest purchase of the year, they are able to spend time and money on what they actually desire. They need to make it mean something.”

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