Understand the myths surrounding customer loyalty in the travel industry
  • BEFORE A TRIP BEGINS MYTH #1: "Travellers worry about the big issues like strike action or terrorism."
  • DURING THE HOLIDAY MYTH #2: "Clients love that tour operators are available for around the clock support."
  • AFTER RETURNING HOME MYTH #3: "Holiday goers return home from their trips feeling refreshed and revitalised."
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“The vast majority of travel companies in the UK believe that they have a loyal customer base. And why wouldn’t they? You do your very best to provide a top-notch customer experience and help people fulfil their travel dreams. Happy travellers coming back home with smiles on their faces and stories to tell about their adventures. You’ve got yourself some customers for life there, right?

Take a look at the data and you might be surprised to find that customers are not as loyal as you think. In fact, there are a slew of misconceptions around what inspires customer loyalty in the travel industry. According to our research, travel companies massively overestimate the loyalty of their customers.”

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