This feature is about bringing your customers itinerary to life! It gives you the ability to illustrate your clients itinerary and experiences they can expect on their trip.

Creating your StoryBoard

Before creating your StoryBoard, please ensure you have completed entering all the Locations – these will be needed as StoryBoard days can be linked to a location – e.g. Day 1.


When you are using the StoryBoard feature you can still add all your documents including the PDF version of the itinerary, but they must all be added into the second label in the ‘documents’ section. Label one (Default is “Travel Documents) should contain NO documents as this will not show in the app.

To create a StoryBoard, select the “StoryBoard” Tab.

When you create SBIs for the first time, the page will look like the image below.

To set up the StoryBoard you must fill out the following fields:

Day Number – You can opt to not show days.

Headline – This can be anything. For example, “Arrival in Los Angeles” or “Camel Ride”.

Additional Information – Here you can enter a summary or description of the session’s purpose under the tab “Additional Information”. We recommend to keep this brief, around 2-3 lines to provide an easy to read summary. You can upload more details, such as an agenda or presentation in the Details File.

Location – You are able to link each StoryBoard day to a location (set up in the previous tab, “Locations”). This will also pull through any PDFs attached to the location and display under the “Accommodation” label on the clients device.

The next stage of creating a StoryBoard day is to add a Background Image and Details File.

Tips on Photos:

Details File – This could be anything you like -we recommend attaching a day-specific document such as information about the day’s activity or location.

The details file will appear under the label on the clients device. See the picture below for how this will look on the StoryBoard screen.

Example of a completed StoryBoard

Below is an example of a completed StoryBoard. Once you have created a StoryBoard day, you are able to create others by pressing the green “Add Day” button.