The Vamoos StoryBoard is a brilliant feature that lets you create visually stunning and interactive itineraries for your clients. The paper itinerary is a thing of the past!

Home Screen Icons to Show

The StoryBoard content you create can be displayed in two areas on Vamoos.

The Summary – this presents the content in an image-led list. It provides a visually stunning, high level overview of the itinerary for the user.

Details – this provides a detailed swipe summary of the itinerary. With the ability to break up the itinerary into days or different highlights and activities.

Use the dropdown menu to select which view/s you wish to be accessible on the app.

Creating your StoryBoard 

Before creating your StoryBoard, please ensure you have completed entering all the Locations – these will be needed as StoryBoard days can be linked to a location – e.g. Day 1.

When you create a StoryBoard for the first time, the page will look like the image below.

To create a StoryBoard, press “Add”.

You then need to fill out the StoryBoard.

Day Number – You can opt to not show days using the checkbox at the top right of the screen.

Day Title – This can be anything. For example, “Arrival in Los Angeles” or “Camel Ride through the Desert”.

Additional Information – Here you can enter a summary or description of the session’s purpose under the tab “Additional Information”. We recommend keeping this brief, around 2-3 lines as it looks best if the client can quickly see what they will be doing. You can upload more details, such as an agenda or presentation in the Documents Files on the page.

Location – You can link each StoryBoard day to a location (set up in the previous tab, “Locations”). This will also pull through any PDFs attached to the location. By default this document will appear under ‘Accommodation’ so it is important to change this in your Settings – Menus and Labels – if this is not going to be relevant.

The next stage of creating a StoryBoard page is to add a Background Image and any supporting Documents.

Tips on Photos:

Additional Documents – These could be anything you like such as day-specific guides and other useful details for the user. This is where you can be inventive. We find adding excitement through podcasts, interesting articles, playlists, documentaries or even reading lists will further engage your client and help them to make the most out of their trip.

When adding these documents you need to provide a Label Title and choose an Icon.

Flights – If you use the Flights feature on Vamoos and there is a flight scheduled on a StoryBoard day, this Flight will appear on that day on the app alongside any day specific documents you have added.

Now you have created your first StoryBoard Day, you can add as many as you like using the “Add Button”

Rearranging Days

Itineraries often change, so you can easily change the order of days using the Drag and Drop feature.

If you have any further questions about this section of Vamoos, you can reach our support team on Or, take a look at our video library for further support!