Points of Interest on our maps allow you to recommend places nearby for your clients, useful for recommending: restaurants, bars, markets and much more.

Points of Interest are set a company level so your POIs will appear on all of your client’s maps that fall in range, and you only have to set them once (though you can add to or update them whenever you like).

The POI tab is located in the top navigation bar.

Adding POIs

To create a POI, simply search for your POI in our integrated maps search bar as you would a Location. Once located, press “Add POI”.

Once added, fill in the missing details for that POI:

Icon – this is what the symbol the client will see. Make sure the icon is easily identifiable to the POI.

Radius in KM – This is how far a POI will be discoverable on a client’s map from their location.

Description and Supporting Document/URL – In this box you are able to write a description of the POI. You can also attach a document or URL link to provide further information.

How clients view and search POIs

To view all their available POI within the chosen radius, users simply need to scroll along the carousel of icons at the bottom of the screen. When they tick the POIs they want, the icons will appear on the map.

Users can also select to view the map in Satellite View.

Driving Instructions

A brand new feature to Vamoos maps is Driving Instructions.

When a user click on a POI they will see an arrow option and an information button.

The “Information button” will navigate the user to a supporting document or URL you have attached for that POI.

The “Driving Instructions button” will take the user to an interactive driving instructions screen.