You can now use Vamoos as a brand new communication channel to give your clients useful and timely information, personalised to them and their trip!

Notifications are built into the app – meaning they work in Airplane mode and are designed to deliver to the client offline.

You are able to set Timed Notifications before their trip to build anticipation or upsell, or after their trip to encourage feedback.

You can even set GPS Triggered Notifications to activate when they are near their next hotel or destination.

Setting Notification Templates

Notifications are set at company level and enabled at Vamoos level. You need to set Notifications at company level first, which acts as a template to populate and enable at the individual Vamoos level.

To set up a Notification, head to the Notification tab in the top black notification bar. Here you have the ability to set 3 types of Notifications:

Timed Notifications – Timed notifications are set relative to the departure date of the itinerary. You can set them before they depart, during their trip, or after they return.

GPS Notifications – GPS notifications are triggered 2km from the set location.

Force Update Notification – When you force an update to a clients device, such as if you have changed part of their itinerary, you are able to send an accompanying message.

All Notification Templates are set up the same way. The only difference is Force Update Notifications do not allow a URL to be attached.

To create, press “Add Template”.

The first thing you are required to do is add the Notification Text. We recommend this is kept to a paragraph.

Top Tip:
You also have the ability to personalise the notification to your users – simply add the below text in red to sync to the client name.

This displays the client username – either from the People tab or what your client chooses under their settings.

You have the option to include a URL link with your notification – e.g. to a hotel website or to your feedback form. Just remember that the device will need to have an active data connection to use this feature.

To add this, simply add the URL link in the box provided.

Once you click out of the box, Vamoos automatically saves your template!

Setting Notifications for an Individual Vamoos

To set up a notification for an individual Vamoos you will need to have created notifications at a company level. Once created, open the Vamoos for which you wish to set a notification and navigate to the “Notifications” tab. You will then find the templates populated, to edit and enable them follow the steps below.

Timed Notifications:

You can edit the template text here and add or delete a URL link.

Select the time you wish the notification to be triggered for the client. E.g. the above example is set for 4 days before the client departs.

Set the time the notification will be delivered.

Once complete, click outside of the box and click the “Update Page” button.


Any notifications set will be delivered at the local time of the device on that day, rather than the time zone defined on the settings page.

GPS Notifications:

Select the dates you wish the notification to be active for.

Set the GPS “trigger”. You can either select a pre-filled Location (from the Locations tab) or enter specific GPS coordinates.

Enable the notification by ticking the “Enabled” box.

Force Update Notification:

To send a Forced Update Notification. Return to your Vamoos List and press the “Force Update” button. Here, you have three options:

Once you have chosen your option, press “Send”.