Give your clients their trip information in their native language to make it personal.

Simply add your translations into the Operator Portal and Vamoos will then do the rest. It will show the correct language versions of all your shared content and menu & labels to provide your clients with a seamless single language experience clients from start to finish.

Whats more, the login screen, fixed menus and messages throughout the app will be auto-translated into the language of your guests device, if it is a language we currently support. Currently these are English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian, but we are adding new languages all the time, send us an email to request one. 





Adding your Translations


Step 1Log in to the Vamoos Operator Portal and go to Settings > General > Language Settings. Here, press the Add button and search for any additional languages you would like to provide your trips in and press Save.


Step 2 – Go to Vamoos List > Vamoos Trips and create your trip in the usual way you would by either pressing Create Trip to build from scratch or Duplicate Trip to copy from an existing template.

Within your trip, you will now see an option at the top of the General Section called Language. Please select from the drop down options which language  you are providing this trip in (if you can’t see the language you want here, please go back to Step 1)


Step 3 – Please work your way through all the sections down the left hand side to write your trip content in the desired language. Ensuring to translate anything in General, Documents and Storyboard.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to press the pencil icon next to the Travel Documents and Destination Document titles and translate these too.


Step 4 – Now you can go to the Shared section in the black bar at the top and provide translations for your Notifications, POIs, Inspirations and Menu & Labels.

For these sections you can press the pencil icon to edit the existing entry and select your language of choice and write in your translations.

NOTE: For Inspirations, you need to click ‘Create Inspiration‘ and build a new Inspiration in your alternative language, you can then open up your trip and link the new inspiration version to this trip in the Inspirations section down the left hand side.


Once you have added in your translations then the work is done! Your clients will see all of their content in the language you have selected for that trip.

Vamoos will also auto-translate the login screen and any fixed messages or menus throughout the app too if your clients device is set to French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Danish or Norwegian.

If you have any questions about the Multilingual Feature in Vamoos, send us an email to [email protected], give us a call on +44 203 474 0512, or send us a message through live chat on our website.