Vamoos uses maps both to inform users, and to illustrate where they will be going on their trip. Maps are a great way to build excitement for a trip and provide vital information, even when the user is offline.

Locations on maps

Adding a Location

To add a location, simply search for your location in our integrated maps search bar. Once located, press “Add Location”.

Top Tip:

If you cannot find a certain location, or you want to direct to exact coordinates. Find the coordinates in Google Maps and add the coordinates instead when creating a new location in the “Latitude and Longitude” box.

Once you have added or edited a location, be sure to press “Save Changes”.

Add Documents for Locations

You can upload PDF’s if you wish to add more detail for each location.


To avoid the Weather section of Vamoos showing the weather for multiple locations that may be in the same city, you can choose which locations will be available in the Weather section.

Likewise, you can remove a location from the maps so it only shows weather, should you wish the weather for a city to show in general.

Changing the order of Locations

Changes are likely to happen with itineraries. Vamoos allows you to add, remove or reorder a location from the current Vamoos Itinerary you are building.

Select the Location you wish to move and click on the “↕“ icon to reorder the locations.

If you have any further questions about this section of Vamoos. You can reach our support team on info@vamoos.com. Or, take a look at our video library for further support!