Watch the full walkthrough of setting up your property on Vamoos or use the step by step instructions below:



Ensure you are in the Vamoos Stays Section. Then click “Create New”.

You will now be brought onto the ‘General Page’.


General Information

First of all, you need to input your core property information including a Home Screen Description that will appear in the app.

Your User ID will have been set up at registration. This is the login your clients will use to access your Vamoos.



Background Image

Choose the perfect image to bring excitement for your client’s arrival by creating a visually stunning app. 


Tips on Photos:

These images can be uploaded from your desktop or the Library. 



Property Address

You can either add your address manually or use the Google Maps search bar to add the property’s location. 


Property Info

The property’s information can be found as the final icon on the app home screen. You can rename this or simply call it info. Likewise you can choose an icon.


Overlay Logo

If your property logo is different from your logo added in Settings, you can upload that here. 


Vamoos Listing Information

This information is very important as it will be available to Tour Operators who use the Vamoos app. 

This will link you up with the very best Tour Operators in the world and allow you to offer your services and form long lasting partnerships.



If you have any further questions about this section of Vamoos, you can reach our support team on [email protected].