Documents is a great feature which allows your clients to have quick access to all the information they need, even when they’re offline!


You can upload any document you like to these sections. These are usually, Party Details, Detailed Itineraries, Boarding Passes, Holiday Insurance Documentation and any other personal documents for your clients. Anything they would usually have to carry paper copies off, they can now have digitally through the app!

Document Titles

The Document titles will be by default. These are set in your Company Settings.

However, you can rename these titles on a trip by trip basis if you want. Below the settings title for Documents is ‘Travel Documents’ and ‘Destination Documents’ – but one of them for this trip has been changed to ‘Area Guides’.



Likewise, icons are set by default to follow what has been set at a company level. These can be changed on a case by case basis using the Icon column should you wish.

Uploading Documents



To add documents, simply select “Add”. You will then be asked to name the document where it says Title.

Once you have named the document, select the blue “Add” button. This will then provide you with 3 options of files to upload.

Choose which one you wish to upload, and then press “Apply”.

With every uploaded document, you have the ability to preview. Simply click the “Preview” button.

Re-organising Documents

Vamoos allows you to re- organise your documents at any point to suit your clients needs. Simply click and hold theicon. Then drag the document to its desired place on the list.

Ensure afterwards you save your documents using the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the list.

Top Tip: Many companies attach links to their social media pages and online survey tools in the documents section to help increase their engagement.

If you have any further questions about this section of Vamoos. You can reach our support team on info@vamoos.com. Or, take a look at our video library for further support!