To add your hiking, driving or cycling routes to Vamoos, you need to create a GPX file which you can then upload onto the Vamoos Operator Portal.

We’ve created this guide with a few options on easy ways to create GPX files and to make them the correct size for our uploader.




Option 1 – Use Google Maps & MapstoGPX

Ideal for: short walking, cycling or driving routes

Use the directions tool on Google Maps to plot out your route. Then click the 3 lines in the top left hand corner and select ‘Share or Embed Map’ to copy your unique directions link.

Then go to Maps to GPX and paste in your directions link and export this to a GPX file type.






Option 2 – Draw a GPX route on a map

Ideal for: longer and more complex walking, driving or cycling routes

Use a program such as GPX Visualiser or PlotaRoute to draw your route on a map and export as a GPX file type.



Option 3 – Create a route yourself with a GPS device

Ideal for: routes that you can easily complete yourself

You can use an app like ‘Strava‘ that records your route using the GPS capabilities on your phone. Once you have created the route you can download this as a GPX file ready to add to Vamoos.





Reducing your GPX file for the 10,000 point limit

GPX files are made up of lots of location waypoints. Vamoos has a 10,000 point limit, so long complex routes will not be able to be uploaded.

In this situation you can try one of the following options:

– Rather than having one long route, try splitting the route into multiple legs or sections

– Use a GPX editor like GPX studio to reduce the number of points in the GPX file. Simply upload your GPX file and select the icon with 2 arrows from the tool bar on the left hand side. You can then reduce the number of points in this route, press save and then click ‘export’ at the top to download your new, smaller GPX file.


Now you have created your GPX files, take a look at our guides on how to upload these to Vamoos for Travel Companies and for Hotels.