Company Settings allows you to change your account settings, such as logo and Vamoos labels.

The Company Settings page is accessible via the navigation bar, and provides a high level overview of your Vamoos account, including registration details.

Edit Company Details:

To edit Company details such as the Logo and Label Titles, click on the “Edit Company Details” button.

Company Details – Edit any of the details in the provided fields.

Labels – Labels are what your client uses to navigate through Vamoos. Upon set up, you are provided with Default Label Titles. You are able to edit these in the Label Boxes.

You are also able to choose in which unit the temperature is.

Logo – To change your logo, simply click the “Add Logo” button. From here you will be able to upload a new image from your device.

Ensure you read the Logo Restrictions before uploading.

We recommend a logo with a white or light coloured background.

Ensure after any changes have been made that you click the “Update Operator” button. This ensures all updates go through to your clients.

Edit Registration:

If you edit your registration details. Click into “Edit Registration”.

Within this section you are able to edit the accounts Email and set a New Password.